Wednesday, August 24, 2016

10 Great Canadian Online Fabric Stores

If you think buying your fabric online south of the border is cheaper, think again. I found out early that shopping US online doesn't really save me much money.

Fabric stores, Canadian fabric stores, shopping fabric

When I first started ordering fabric online, I initially went to the US stores because of the cheaper prices. I quickly learned, however, that I wasn't getting much of a bargain. For one thing, shipping costs from the US can sometimes be outrageous. Also, you have to take into account the current Canadian/US dollar exchange rate, which is pretty high right now. As of this post, the exchange rate on the Canadian dollar is 1.30. That's right, right now our dollar is only worth 0.70 cents compared to the US $1.00. This means when you shop US stores online, you're paying 0.30 cents more on the dollar for your fabric. For example, a fabric at $10 US will cost you $13 CAD and $100 US can jump to $130 CAD! And that's before shipping costs.

It didn't take me long to realize I was better off shopping at Canadian online fabric stores. In some cases the fabric prices are higher, but I've found some great bargains with really good shipping rates. 

I still prefer to shop my local stores, but below are 10 of my favourite Canadian online fabric stores with their shipping rates. This is not an exhaustive list. These are just the main stores that I go to if I shop online. If you have any Canadian online shops you like that aren't listed here, let me know.

This is my favourite online fabric store. The selection of quality fabrics is excellent and prices are as low as $6/metre.

$5 flat rate shipping anywhere within Canada.
Free shipping on orders over $75.

Dailylike (Canada)
A small selection of pretty fabrics, but they're a bit pricy. They offer small 3-piece fat quarter packs from $12 - $14. This is a Korean company based in Vancouver, BC.

Free shipping on orders $100.
$10 flat rate on orders under $100.

Fabric Fabric
This store sells different types of fabrics such as: upholstery fabrics, canvas, linen, etc. at pretty good prices. 

Free shipping on orders $60+
$0.00 - $6.00 - shipping fee   $ 8
$6.00 - $15.00 - shipping fee   $12
$15.00 - $35.00 - shipping fee   $14
$35.00 - $45.00 - shipping fee   $18
$45.00 - $60.00 - shipping fee   $20

Flare Fabrics
A lovely selection of batiks at this store.

All Canadian orders under $20 get a flat shipping rate of $4.50
Ontario orders between $20.00 to $124.99 - $9.99
Quebec orders between $20 to $124.99 - $11.99
Rest of Canada orders between $20.00 to $124.99-$13.99
All of Canada orders over $125 - FREE

Fridays Off Fabric Shop
Have a nice selection of unusual modern prints.

Under $20 - $2.99
$20.01 and $45 - $5.95 flat rate.
$40.01 and $124.99 - Canada Post calculated shipping.
Free shipping on orders over $125.

Log Cabin Yardage
If you want to build your stash, they have a good fabric club which offers six fat quarters for $22.60/month (includes shipping).

$7 for orders up to $30.
$10 for orders between $30.01and $100
$15 for orders over $100.

Mad About Patchwork
Great selection of fabrics at reasonable prices.

$6.95 flat rate for orders under $150.
Free shipping for orders over $150.

Missouri Star Quilt Company (USA)
Okay, this is a US company, but they're very Canadian-friendly and have excellent sales on precuts.

$10 flat rate to Canada.

My Fabric Spot
Nice selection of modern fabrics. 

$6.99 flat rate.
Free shipping on orders over $150.

Sew Sisters
Good selection of notions, batting and interfacing. Excellent selection of clearance fabrics. 

Shipping Rates
$0 - $19.99 - $4.99
$20.00 - $100 - $8.99
Over $100 - Free

Friday, August 19, 2016

New foundation pieced patterns I'm sure you'll love

Coming soon to my pattern shops. I have two new patterns I've been working on that I think you'll love. They'll be up for sale by the end of August so check my Craftsy or Etsy shops in a few weeks.

Butterfly Garden

The first is a pretty table runner with foundation pieced butterflies and traditional nine patch sashing. It's so sweet. You can make it longer to fit the length of your table or piece it as a grid for a wall hanging.

The pattern instructions are for a two-block table runner like the first image below. It measures 23" x 13" (82.5cm x 32.5cm). The finished block is 7" x 7" (17.5cm x 17.5cm).

quilting, foundation paper piecing, quilted table runners.

quilting, foundation paper piecing, quilted table runners.

quilting, foundation paper piecing, quilted table runners.

Christmas Cactus

My next table runner was inspired by the Christmas Cactus which got its name because it starts blooming during the early winter, just in time for Christmas. Version 1 is a table topper and Version 2 would make a lovely wall quilt.

The blocks are simple foundation piecing, and I provided yardage and assembly instructions for both versions below. Both versions are 26" x 26" (65cm x 65cm). The finished blocks are 6" x 6" (15cm x 15cm)

Christmas Cactus | Version 1

quilting, foundation paper piecing, quilted table runners.
Christmas Cactus | Version 2
Here's a beautiful Christmas Cactus in bloom.

Image from

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Postage stamp doll quilt

I love postage stamp quilts; they're great stash busters. I made this doll quilt for my grand niece, Abby, who just had a new baby brother. I made her mom my Precious Bundle pinwheel quilt for the new arrival, and my sister and I thought it would be nice to make a quilt for Abby's baby doll as well.

To make this quilt, I used a great piecing technique I found at So Resourceful, a blog with some great sewing posts. This technique makes piecing all those little squares a breeze. See the tutorial HERE

doll quilts, postage stamp quilts, checkerboard quilt

Postage stamp doll blanket | 24" x 18" (60cm x 45cm)

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

4 Summer Mug Rug Patterns

My new mug rug book has four great patterns inspired by lazy summer days. These cheerful mug rugs would be great by the pool, at the cottage or as hostess gifts at your next BBQ. The book includes complete patterns for every skill level.

Get my 4 Summer Fun Mug Rugs PDF at MY PATTERN SHOP for the great price of $10 US.

quilting, quilted mug rugs, mug rugs, snack mats, quilted snack mats

Precut fabric guide: Free poster download

When quilters talk about jelly rolls and layer cakes we're not always talking about the scrumptious desserts. We could also be talking about our fabrics.

The other day, I mentioned to my sister (who isn't a quilter) that I ordered some jelly roll fabrics. As soon as I said it, I got that deer-in-the-headlights gaze from my dear old sis that said, "What the hek are jelly roll fabrics"?  Quilting has its own jargon just like any other craft.

Precut fabrics are a quilter's dream. All the colours and patterns are perfectly coordinated, you get to try out beautiful samples of any designer you like, and the choices are endless. There are even quilt pattern books written specifically for precuts.

I created this pre-cut fabric reference tool that you can download for FREE. Put it up in your studio as a guide to what type of pre-cuts are out there.

Get your FREE PDF download HERE

precut fabrics, pre-cut fabrics, precut fabric measurements,

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Kool Kaleidoscope Quilts: How simple are they?

Have you drooled over those stunning Ricky Tims kaleidoscope quilts, but felt too intimidated to make one? Don't be! When Tims says "simple strip-piecing technique for stunning results," he really means it. This technique is very simple. The book has very thorough instructions with lots of pictures. Tims also includes plenty of examples of quilts made by his students that will give you inspiration. Tims also has a very helpful video tutorial of the whole process for this techniqueI found this video very helpful. SEE VIDEO

I bought Ricky Tims' book Kool Kaleidoscope Quilts a couple of years ago and this is my first attempt at his technique. It was a practise run, so I made no plan as far as fabrics went. I used scraps I had laying around that needed a place to land. In spite of an absence of planning, I think this kaleidoscope turned out quite pretty. This table topper measures 24" x 24."

Ricky Tims, quilting, kaleidoscope quilts, round quilts, mandala quilts

I'm now going to take the plunge and make a bigger kaleidoscope quilt. I recently ordered fabric to make a quilt for our living room wall. Our feature wall is a deep red/orange, so I picked out rich autumn colours (my favourite). I'm sure it will look gorgeous. As soon as the fabric arrives, I'll be posting my progress.

mandala quilt, kaleidoscope quilt, Ricky Tims

You can buy Kool Kaleidoscope Quilts for $19.99 US at Ricky Tims' website HERE. I checked Amazon [US and Canada], but it's quite expensive there. The book was published in 2010, so it's now only offered on Amazon by secondary sellers at ridiculously high prices. You can, however, get a Kindle edition for under $10.

Disclaimer: This is an honest, independent review of this book. I don't know Ricky Tims from Adam. I'm not promoting his book for profit.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

O' Canada Flag Banner

You can hang this beautiful paper pieced Canadian flag banner with pride. I'm Canadian born and raised and I truly love this country. I also think we have a very cool modern flag design; a simple maple leaf.

canadian flag, paper pieced canadian flag, paper piecing, quilting, quilted canadian flag

On July 1st, Canada turns 149 years young. I decided to make my own flag banner to hang in the front window this year instead of using the one everyone gets in the morning paper :P

canadian flag banner, paper pieced canadian flag, quilted canadian flag

The maple leaf in the centre of the flag is a perfect design for foundation piecing. After some tweaking here and there, I finally got everything right. This block is 25 cm x 25 cm (10" x 10"). It can be reduced or enlarged to incorporate into pretty much anything: a throw pillow, a tote bag, or anything you want to cover with Canada's national symbol.

Buy the pattern at MY PATTERN SHOP

canadian flag banner, paper piecing, quilted canadian flag pattern

Another reason to love Canada . . . check out our Prime Minister.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

DIY dog mat idea for your fluffy butt

My little dog Sophie is my shadow. She's with me everywhere I go around the house, but I've been spending a lot more time at my computer lately. Initially, she wanted to sit on my lap while I worked (she's a lap dog, after all), but I wouldn't get anything done that way. So, I plunked her on the desk. Now she sleeps there while I'm working.

Awhile back, I picked up some cute fabric from Connecting Threads with foxes on it. The fabric line is Good Natured by Riley Blake. My husband always says Sophie reminds him of a fox, so I made her this "desk mat" with it for her to lie on while I work.

I think the little foxes in the birch trees are adorable.

Sophie fast asleep on her new blankie.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Wooden scissors intarsia project

My husband is an intarsia artist, and I asked him if he could make some wooden scissors for my studio wall. I made the design and he did all the hard work putting them together. This is what we made together. Aren't they cool? They're hanging over my sewing machine table and I love them.

I love the real looking screw in the middle.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Krazy Kites Block

This beautiful kites quilt block is a great stash buster for all those pretty scraps you've been hanging on to. For good contrast, I used multiple cream and beige scraps for the background, which makes the colours really pop. I like the block without embellishing, but if you like to embroider, you can add tails.
Get the PDF download

 I think it would stunning as a baby blanket or wall quilt. I'm going to make a few of blocks now and then until I have enough for a wall quilt.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Pencil Me In Mini Quilt

This pencil quilt wall hanging would look great in an office or a student's dorm room. The script fabric in the background adds a touch of whimsy, and how cool are those sharp pencil tips? This is a great project for Jelly Roll scraps.

The lovely script fabric I used for the background is Laurel White Vintage from Bee Creative by Deb Strain for Moda Fabrics.

Buy the pattern at MY PATTERN SHOP 

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Who wants ice cream!? Ice Cream Swirl Mug Rug Pattern

This ice cream swirl mug rug is a simple paper pieced pattern. You can create it any of your favourite ice cream flavours.

Buy this pattern at MY PATTERN STORE

Get this and three other summer mug rugs in my new pattern book 4 Summer Mug Rugs. Only $10 US HERE 

Friday, May 13, 2016

Little UFO quilt block

If you're a science fiction and UFO enthusiast, you'll love this quilt block. I think it's one of the cutest quilt blocks I've designed so far. It measures 12" x 12" and combines both paper piecing and applique.

Buy this pattern at MY PATTERN SHOP

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Autumn Star Quilt Block

Designed for the beautiful colours of autumn, the Autumn Star quilt block is stunning. I created my sample using batik and hand-dyed fabrics. This block would be nice in any fabric, but I really like it with batiks.

Here's another colour option and example of a quilt with this block.

Monday, April 25, 2016

A Little Crazy Mug Rug: FREE Pattern

This charming mug rug is a foundation pieced design inspired by the crazy quilt. It measures 10 x 7.5 inches. I love the oval shape and the fussy cut center adds an interesting focal point. The piece is quilted with decorative machine stitching to mimic crazy quilt embroidery. This would be a fun and fast project for anyone new to foundation paper piecing.

Pattern includes instructions for how to do a fussy cut (with template) and how to cut foundation fabric accurately. You can also see my photo tutorial on cutting your fabric HERE

The print fabrics I used are from the Garden Party collection by Tea & Sympathy. The yellow fabric is Henna Mustard Seed from the Eden collection by Tula Pink.

Get Free Download HERE